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Shelby, NC 28150

Nesbitt Foundation Inc. for Compassionate Women's Ministry, Family Services and Great Ministries


The single parent assistance from Nesbitt Foundation Inc. will allow you to provide a stable home for your kids.


Our youth programs provide positive role models and help with homework for young children up to teens.

Hours of Operation

Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Emergency Service 24 Hours a Day,
7 Days a Week

About Nesbitt Foundation Inc.

The Nesbitt Foundation. is not just a youth center, but a community center. A place for people of all ages, races, and walks of life. A place of refuge, support, learning new skills, a wide range of assistance, unity, diversity, care, job and career training, job placement, and a broad arrangement of programs that will get people from all angles of our community involved. We are aiming for a place where people who want to better themselves can come to and participate in our programs. A place where they can feel loved, welcomed, comforted, and cared for. A place where single parents can trust that their children are in good hands, where the elderly and the disabled can be cared for and assisted, a place that implements good values and moral caricature in the youth and young adults, a place for young children and also a place of unity for all, recreation, a building block for learning and developing new skills, a second home to some, a place that we all can get involved, and a place where we can all learn to care for the needs of others. A place for everyone. A place needed for all!

Turn your life around with the help of the women's ministry from Nesbitt Foundation Inc. in Shelby, North Carolina. We pride ourselves on promoting individual and community well-being by helping women from and others with GED programs, computer labs, job training, and programs for the disabled. By sharing common values, we can increase the opportunity of each individual in the community to better themselves there by helping our community.

Our organization will be opening soon as we are raising money through events to help get each phase of our organization to become up and running. We accept grants and donations to help our cause. Join us for the Gospel Extravaganza Fund Raiser on August 27th, in Lincolnton from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., which is a Gospel Talent Show and Gospel Singing will take place after the show. Featured guests include The Legendary Hope Family of Gastonia, NC; The Gospel Harmonizer of Hickory, NC; The Sensational Heavenly Voices of Lincolnton, NC; and the Voices of Grace of Newton, NC. All Proceeds will benefit the Nesbitt Foundation. Prizes will be awarded for the Gospel Talent Show Explosion.
1st Place $200.00; 2nd Place $75.00 3rd Place $25.00. The entry free is $10 per ACT.

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Contact us in Shelby, North Carolina, to learn more about our women's ministry, family services and different ministries.