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Single Parent Assistance and Handicapped Assistance

Stabilize your family life with the single parent assistance from Nesbitt Foundation Inc. in Shelby, North Carolina. Our foundation also offers transportation, training, and recreation opportunities for the disabled.

Single Parents

Our ministry provides single parents with day care while they attend school or go to work. We also provide assistance with job placement if needed, job training, and a place to stay while they get on their feet. For those who aren't able or don't have the means to drive, we offer transportation. Battered women with or without children can also find a safe place to stay, and we help place single parents and battered women in housing. We offer comunity support, love, understanding, and help in a time when you need it the most.

The disabled
This phase would assist this group in providing transportation to and from the center. While at the center they will be able to develop new work-related skills to fit their disabilities, have recreation time with people they can relate to, and be cared for.

Handicapped Assistance

Elderly Care

This phase would provide the elderly whom may need assistance with a place to go and others who just want a place where they can fellowship with other seniors. This would be a safe environment that suites their needs. We would provide them with transportation to and from the center. We will also provide those in need with assistance in grocery shopping, going to and from the pharmacy, doctor apts., and other errands they may need help with.

Contact us in Shelby, North Carolina, to learn more about single parent assistance and handicapped assistance.