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Interactive Youth Programs

Start your kids down the right path with the youth programs from Nesbitt Foundation Inc. in Shelby, North Carolina. We have programs for young teens to adolescents, we lend a handa helping hand in bringing up your children.

Youth Program

This would provide a positive outreach program for young teens and adolescence. This would be a place where they can get involved and have role models there helping them in life and with making making good decisions. A place where they will learn new values and the importance of education, abstinence, and for those who are already having sex, safe sex, and also help for young teens who may be pregnant or already have small babies. A place where they could get help with school work and the proper skills in applying for a job, help with resumes, job training for those in need, and a GED program for the ones who may have dropped out of school.

Children's Daycare - Coming Soon...
This phase will provide a safe, healthy, and loving learning environment for preschool and afterschool children where they can get help with homework, learn new material, as well as enjoy extra-curricular activities and free-play.

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