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Services Offered

Prison Release Ministry
This would be a ministry we will provide that will give some of the people trying to make a transition back in to our community after being in prison for some time a place to go and receive help. This program will provide them with a temporary place to stay, job training, and help with job placement. This will be very beneficial in their transition back in to society.

Prison Release Ministry

Counseling, Single Battered Women and Crisis Intervention

GED Program- Services

Job Training - Services

Dining Hall- Seniors Eating

Game Hall - Pool

Academic Computer Lab

Crisis Intervention
This would provide families who due to unfortunate circumstance may be on the verge of losing their homes or who may have already been evicted or who are homeless with the help they need. This would also be a program that would assist with issues dealing with teen pregnancy, drug abuse, AIDs or other STDs. Such as, helping them with different expenses, providing them with a safe place their families can go until we can provide them with the exact individual help they need, from anything to helping them to find jobs to placing them in a new home. More than anything, just letting them know that they are not alone, that there is help, there are people who care, and doing every thing in our power to make sure these people are okay and have a safe place to go and to get help.
Single Parents and Battered Women’s Ministry
This would be a ministry that would provide single parent’s with assistance in different areas such as, day care while they attend school or go to work, assistance in job placement if needed, job training, a place to stay while they get on their feet, for those who aren’t able or don’t have the means to drive, transportation, a safe place to go for battered women with or without children, and assistance in placing those single parents and battered women in housing and apartments.
GED Program
This will provide different people throughout the community with a place that can assist them in acquiring their General Equivalency Diploma. This will be a great start for them. After achieving this diploma they will then be able to join in other programs we will provide that will help them to find a job or in other areas of training that will help them to acquire the skills for better job positions.
Job Training
Our facility will offer training in various jobs that will help further any one who wants to joins skills and career options. We will provide training in different programs such as electronics, computer training, masonry, mechanics, carpentry, welding, pipefitting, etc.
In our center we will provide members with a counselors who will be on staff at all times. These will be a professionals who the various members of our facility can go to and confide in. This will be a place for people who may have such problems as,domestic violence, drug abuse themselves or in their families, young teens or pre-teenagers who are facing peer pressure, people who may be dealing with domestic violence in the home, others who may just feel like they need some one to reach out to, or those facing some others of the many problems people face every day.
Dining Hall
In this phase of our Foundation, we would like to have a Food Pantry, kitchen, and dining hall. This will be a place where we can prepare food for families in need. This would also be a place where more fortunate families could bring in and donate food that we would give to those families that are in need to take home. The Food Pantry would also consist of various snacks and food for the children and youth during daycare hours and other afterschool and youth programs.
Recreation Hall
This will serve as a place where members of the foundation can congregate. There will be various board games to play, other games such as, air hockey, ping-pong, pool, and video games. There will also be an area where members can just lounge and chill out. This will be the place in the center where members can have some fun, socialize, and get to know one another.
Academic Hall
This will be the place in the center where those members who are in school can go to and do homework or study when needed. The study hall will also be the place in our center where tutoring will take place and where children can get help with their homework if needed. We will also have dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a couple computer terminals in this area for homework that may involve a computer or the internet.
Computer Lab
In our facility we would like to have a computer lab. In this computer lab we will hold computer classes for various computer programs ranging from basic computer operation to various computer programs. People will be able to come here and get training in order to better their job opportunities or just to better their knowledge of operating a computer.